Monday, March 9, 2009

Study Bible Available at Boomer in the Pew

Boomer in the Pew is giving away a Bible. One of the blogs that I now follow, Boomer in the Pew, is celebrating its first birthday. As part of that celebration, David is giving away a free ESV Study Bible courtesy of Crossway. David has all the details on how you can enter his birthday competition at his post, Win a Calfskin Version of the ESV Study Bible! The ESV is a highly literal translation of the Bible, and the study Bible is one of the better ones out there. It is well worth owning one, and this one has a leather cover, making it suitable for carrying to church, for using in leading a Bible Study, or in the pulpit. David's blog is well worth reading as well.

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David Porter said...

Thanks for stopping by the "Boomer in the Pew" blog to register for the new ESV Study Bible. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog, as much as I enjoyed my stop by yours!

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